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Meet The Shop Girls

Don’t work alone. pick two of your favorite creatives that you love to laugh with, share a common vision, and open a store with them.

That’s just what We did. We are: Kay boyer from Kay boyer home, kate from fig and farm, and Jess from good folk Trading co.

In the heart of downtown Iowa City, we opened a second location where our vintage finds and handcrafted art is THOUGHTFULLY CURATED. good design isn’t just for your home, you should also wear it. We have you covered with apparel and accessories as well.

Read below to find the common threads in our style and the unique differences that will speak to each one of you. Or meet up with us for happy hour and become our friend.


Meet Kay

rustic. simple. clean.

My door is always open- for you to stop by or to let fresh air inside. I’m inspired by nature with a passion for health and design. You can always follow along on my foodie journey on instagram.

I’m also a carpenter (Yes, I build homes with my dad) and am often working with wood, and building my dream house.

My nightstand is filled with nutrition books, that I only have time to skim because of the toddlers that live with me.

The juggle is real. but we make it work.

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Meet Kate

Feminine. Vintage. Glam. 

Spend a day with me. You might find me cooking for my huge family, hitting up an estate sale for industrial vintage, or creating in my workshop and sewing in my studio.

My obsession for vintage barware is strong and I daydream about where my next vacation will be.

*note from the team:

Kate is also always doing this looking fabulous: make-up on, hair done. and in heels. No joke, this girl rocks.

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Meet Jess

boho. Natural. EClectic.

I’m the mastermind behind Good Folk Trading co. YOu’ll most likely find me covered in sawdust creating beautiful works of art made from barn wood i’ve salvaged from around the midwest.

Global travel fuels my creativity and indie concerts are my jam. I’m a super sleuth for finding quirky vintage pieces and amazing furniture. Attention to detail, affordability and a bit of understated cool are all key to deciding what pieces are perfect for the shop.

I have a passion for supporting other small businesses, so I host my own market twice a year known as good makers Market.

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